Making learning more effective,
simple, fun and engaging


Enter Iapps

Intelligent apps have developed an unique learning platform that will help companies to engage and educate the employees in a more fun efficient way.

Our platform will for sure create fun learning, increase dynamics between the employees as well as for management.




Where We Started

iapps is not our first rodeo.

Our team has decades of experience in this field. The team behind Iapps has launched projects used by over 25 million players.

Battlelog (the gaming platform for Battlefield), Playzeek (a gaming platform for Counter-Strike) Quizfeud

Sportkampen with TV4, the largest Swedish sport quiz Fotbollskampen (Sweden largest quiz about Soccer)Trivialos40 (Music quiz in Spain) E-sportquiz, launched globally 2017

With a strong and proven portfolio of products behind us, we have now embarked on our latest project, iapps, a learning platform focusing on micro-learning based on gamification.



Why iaaps?

Intelligent Apps was founded with passion for digital tools that inspire, engage and educate people. Our mobile platform solves many of today's challenges to reach employees and partners, where everything is measured in real time with the aim of capturing any information gap.



Our Goal

Our diverse team, with its strong experience and varied professional backgrounds creates a fertile environment where new ideas grow daily but fundamentally arrive at the same objective:

Making iapps the best learning experience for organisation that want get the most out of their employees.



Meet Our Team

We are humble team of 4 people sharing the same passion for UI design.

Fredrik Rosengren1

((Founder) )

Fredrik Rosengren2

((Founder) )

Fredrik Rosengren3

((Founder) )

Fredrik Rosengren4

( (Founder) )

Where to find Us

Level 1, 333 Exhibition St Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia.




Call us : 03-5866-7741
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